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Buy albanian driving licence¬†, Get Your International¬†Driver’s License¬†at Lowest Price Online

In¬†Albania, the¬†driving licence¬†(Albanian¬†:¬†Leje Drejtimi) is the official document which authorizes an individual to drive a motor vehicle: motorbike, car, truck or bus. This driving permit can be obtained only after the successful passing of the theoretical exam on road code knowledge followed by the practical exam which tests an individual’s on the road driving skills. The license is issued by the¬†General Directorate of Road Transport Services¬†(DPSHTRR)


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Buy albanian driving licence : I have rented vehicles on many occasions in Albania and from a number of different companies. I have never been asked for anything other than my UK driving licence. When I first came to Tirana I did arrange an international driving licence but it was never required so it expired a few years ago. I drive quite a lot here (50,000km llast year) and am frequently stopped at police checkpoints outside of Tirana. On the odd occasion I have had to show my UK licence and paperwork for my hire car but usually I am waived on when they realise I am not Albanian.

Buy albanian driving licence : are OK for Albania like (probably) whole Europe. I’m pretty sure that Swiss licence is also OK as it uses similar standard like EU licences. That’s the main reason why they didn’t understood your question probably. There are thousands of Albanians living at Switzerland and renting a car with Swiss driving licence every year when visiting relatives. It’s not same with US driving licence and with many other non-European licences. albanian driving licence in germany, eu driving licence no test, german driving license card explained, international driving permit, european driving licence, lithuanian driving licence, albania driving licence number, polish driving licence explained, albanian driving license in uk, driving license in albania


Buy albanian driving licence : Cheers, is there anyone here with practical experience with renting a car and having faced this issue. I have received contradicting information in the meantime, both from the Swiss road service website and on this thread. Also by looking at the conditions of the rental agency it appears that a regular european license would be sufficient.

The German Federal Foreign Office recommends to have the drivers license in ‚Äúcredit card format‚ÄĚ while traveling¬†Albania. I guess it‚Äôs similar to your Swiss license, so you won‚Äôt need the international drivers license. But maybe you ask the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. I am confident they will be able and willing to give you a reliable information

Buy albanian driving licence : I just booked my¬†flights¬†and rented a¬†car¬†for my holiday starting Thursday next week. I have a Swiss drivers license (contains information in English) and was wondering whether such sufieces or whether I really need to obtain a so-called international drivers license. I am renting through a ‚Äúreputable‚ÄĚ company but so far the person I called in said branch failed to understand my question (might have been as a result of my lacking skills in Albanian and hers in English :))


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