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Buy Albanian passport online: The Albanian passport (Albanian:¬†Pasaporta e Shqip√ęris√ę) is a¬†travel document¬†issued by the¬†Ministry of Interior¬†to¬†Albanian citizens¬†to enable them to travel abroad.[2]¬†They are also used as proof of identity within the country, along with the¬†Albanian ID card.

The Albanian biometric passport meets all standards set by International Civil Aviation Organization.[citation needed]

The passport costs 7,500¬†lek√ꬆ(‚ā¨60) and is valid for 10 years.¬†albanian passport visa free countries,¬†albanian passport requirements,¬†albanian passport issuing authority mb,¬†albanian passport stamp,¬†albanian passport schengen,¬†albanian passport visa-free countries 2020,¬†albanian passport travel without visa,¬†albanian passport visa free,¬†albanian passport application,¬†albanian passport application form uk,¬†albanian embassy london passport application,¬†apply albanian passport


Biometric passports and biometric ID cards started to be issued on 24 May 2009. The switch to a biometric passport was one of the conditions for the Schengen Area visa liberalisation for Albanians. On 8 November 2010 the Council of the European Union approved visa-free travel to the EU for citizens of Albania. The decision entered into force on 15 December 2010.

Buy Albanian passport online: To get a passport, Albanian citizens go to the local post office to pay the fee and then go to the Registry office of the municipality. There the person is photographed, and fingerprints digitized. The data collected is sent to the center of production in Tirana. The way of producing the new Albanian e-Passport is made in front of a single civil servant (personal identification, photographing, finding fingerprints, and digital signature) makes this document one of the most reliable and advanced in the world.

Since March 2011, biometric passports and identity cards can also be requested at Albanian consulates in Greece and Italy to serve immigrants who live there.


Buy Albanian passport online: The data page of the passport is from rigid polycarbonate plastic and contains a microchip embedded in which are stored biometric data of the holder including fingerprints, photo and signature. The data is extracted from the chip with wireless RFID technology.

The photo on the page can be scanned and is replied by side and it is UV reactive. It has an alphanumeric code at the bottom of the data page which is machine-readable with optical scanners. The code includes microprinting, holographic images, images visible only with UV light, filigree and other details.

The data is written in Albanian and English. Previously, from 1991 to circa 2002, passports used Albanian and French. apply for albanian passport online, apply for albanian passport online uk, e albania passport, how to get albanian passport, lost albanian passport, apply albania visa online, aleat aplikim per pashaporte, pashaportat e reja 2020

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