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Buy Driver’s license Online in Armenia

People desire Driver’s license in Armenia for various reasons which could be related to their job, business or any other requirement and acquire Driver’s license in Armenia by various means. Acquiring a Driver’s license opens doors offshore otherwise closed to citizens in Armenia. Best of all, your desired Driver’s license can be your key to imrpove your lifestyle and increased asset protection and it could even protect your life. This Driver’s license is granted through any of the legal ways to acquire the Driver’s license for our clients in Armenia.

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Buy Armenia driving license: Police is kind to foreigners; talking your way out of paying a fine tends to be easy. The Yerevan-Gyumri road has a large police presence; only cross the solid white line if you are certain no cops are waiting for you. driving test questions in armenian, indian driving license in armenia, driving in armenia, driving in armenia with us license, speed limit armenia, armenia traffic fines, international driving license, 02 armenia

Speed limits are:

  • 60 km/h inside villages and cities
  • 90 km/h on the open road
  • 110 km/h on highways

Other rules on how to Buy Armenia driving license:

  • You are required to have a warning triangle, first aid kit and fire extinguisher with you in the car.
  • You do not need an international driver‚Äôs permit.
  • Winter tires are not compulsory in the snowy season. They are very useful, though.

Most firms will allow the car to be taken to Georgia and Nagorno-Karabakh but there may be a surcharge. For more details, see our guide to Armenian border crossings.

Potholes in Armenia are highlighted with paint, making them much easier to see. The main roads in the country are very good to excellent.


Buy Armenia driving license: A few reports have come in regarding the payments to enter by car or motorbike, more data points are very still welcome in the driving in Armenia thread.

One couple reported paying some 100 euro of different taxes at the border. Another couple reported paying much less, 9500 dram. Some motorcyclists report paying nothing at all. The import duties / eco tax seem to hinge on the vehicle value and age.

You can get a one-year TIP (temporary import permit) at the border. How to extend your car’s stay beyond that we do not know yet. armenian driver’s license, armenia driver’s license, armenian driving license in europe, armenian driving license in usa, driving license in armenia, indian driving license in armenia, uk driving license in armenia


Insurance is mandatory in Armenia since April 2018.The minimum insurance period is 10 days, but you can get insurance for longer periods as well.

You can buy it at the border, but it is cheaper to buy it online via ASWA, which aggregates all the Armenian insurance companies. The cheapest reports come out on 3000-4000 dram for 2 weeks.

If you decide to get it at the border, watch out. Prices tend to go way up for foreigners: anywhere from 10 000 to 27 000 dram for 2 weeks.


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